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University of Technology Sydney

Atomic School Sydney Workshops in the Spring September 2023 holidays will be held in
Room 470, Building 10, University of Technology, Broadway. 

UTS Room 470.png

UTS Parking:  To see the closest parking options download the PDF here.

University of Queensland

Atomic School Brisbane Workshops in the Spring September 2023 holidays will be held in Room E219 of the Forgan-Smith and Room D114 of the Duhig Building, University Drive, University of Queensland, St. Lucia 4067.

Close Up Map

UQ closeup map D114.png

UQ Parking: 
(1) For quick drop-off the closest available location will be University Drive in front of Forgan-Smith Building or on Campbell Rd just next to the Social Sciences Bld.


(2) If, as a parent you, want to join the workshop you can check out the various longer term parking locations on a zoomable PDF here and the UQ fees here.    You can ignore the last requirement in this instance as UQ has free parking on weekends. The red, blue and grey zones seem most convenient.  Remember to download the Cell-O-Park app onto your phone for easy payment.  This is the same app used Brisbane-wide. 

(3) Some zones like University Drive are only 1 1/2 hour limit but I am unsure if that applies on weekends when parking is free.  Personally, I'm going to risk it.

Tip: Enter "Forgan-Smith Building" or "Duhig Building" into your Google Map or Apple Map to guide you on arrival.


If you are lucky enough to have a weekend workshop then your parking is free.

Brisbane State High School
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