Bringing BIG ideas to young minds

We introduce primary school students to the BIG Ideas of science early in their primary school educational journey so they can soar higher in high school and university. How did we get here? Read more on our About page.

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Wendy with Students

4-hour Holiday Workshops


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Ages 4 to 7 years  │ September Holidays

Ages 8 to 12 years  │  September Holidays

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Older students can grasp the deeper scientific concepts faster, so we stretch their imagination and go further into scientific ideas, including double and triple bonds and building protein molecular models.  This is upper high school level.

9am Tuesday 20th September       Griffith University
9am Monday 26th September        Marist College Ashgrove
9am Thursday 29th September      QUT
9am Saturday 1st October              University of Queensland

Our 4-hour holiday workshops introduce concepts like atoms, the Periodic Table and molecules in a fun and engaging way.

We offer two age groups to match the pace of learning to your child’s developmental level.

  • Ages 4 to 7

  • Ages 8 to 11

This workshop is designed for younger primary school students who are just noticing the patterns and regularities in their physical world.  It’s amazing how confident children of this age become, understanding scientific concepts 10 years ahead of the curriculum, such as the Periodic Table and chemical bonding. Normally they have to wait till high school for this level.

9am Monday 19th September     Griffith University
9am Tuesday 27th September     Marist College Ashgrove