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We Bring Big Ideas To Young Minds!

Our Brisbane and Sydney-based workshops introduce primary school students to the BIG Ideas of
science including the Periodic Table, Molecular Theory and Quantum Mechanics

so they can soar higher in high school and university.

2-Hour Workshops Summer Holidays 

University of Queensland, St Lucia


We recommend that students attend Starter Workshop 1 first. 

This will help them better understand the later workshops.

Starter Workshop 1:  Atoms & Periodic Table
         Discover the Alphabet of the Universe!

Winter Holidays
12 noon Tue 25th June   

Starter Workshop 3:  Protons, ElectronsNeutrons
                 Explore the Secret Electric Life of Atoms!


Winter Holidays               

12 noon Sat 29th June

Starter Workshop 2:  Magic Molecules
         Make the Molecules of Life


Winter Holidays

12 noon Wed 26th June

Advanced Workshop: Electromagnetism    Topic TBA


Winter Holidays      
12 noon  Sun 30th June

20 May 4.3D  Making Molecules 9a.jpg
27 May 6.5B Electric 8a+.jpg

Special Offers

Up to 25% discount is available for siblings and multiple bookings.  See here for details. 


Sticky Atoms 4
Happy Student1

Free science video series.


Holiday Workshops

Advanced Science

Our 2-hour holiday workshops introduce concepts like atoms, the Periodic Table and molecules which are 10 years ahead of your child's normal school curriculum. 

And kids love it.

2-hours of Fun 

Wendy with Students

A parent can join the workshop for no extra charge. Please contact us for availability.

Ages 5 to 12

Our workshops cater for all primary and middle high school students. We are able to explain complex ideas in child-friendly ways so all kids can clearly "get it".


Students from 8 years of age can grasp the deeper scientific concepts faster, while students from 5 to 7 years of age can confidently learn when a parent joins to support them (no extra charge). 


What Parents Are Saying

Matthew has an awesome time on Friday and he is still talking about it! I love seeing him get so excited about learning! He is now thinking he wants to be a scientist instead of a neurosurgeon. 

I have received your videos thank you I can't wait to watch them with Matthew over the holidays and we look forward to seeing you at the next holiday workshop! 

Thanks again 

Kirsty Sherrington


My daughter is in grade 11 now, and loves science; atomic science best. I think it is simply because she was introduced to it so early in your classes, all those years ago. It made her look at the world differently. 

She was only talking about your classes recently. Said she understood what the teachers were talking about when discussing atoms, but was remembering back to your building blocks. They didn't have anything 'so cool' to build molecules in her high school. So lucky she was exposed to your classes. 

Toni Wolter-Tsang

My son is super-keen in science and he needs more than what he’s receiving at school.  As a teacher my observations of the workshop were fantastic.  They get to experience things that they don’t get in the classroom.  They get to have their hands engaged and learn new things. While my son is here enjoying the day and having fun, I feel it sets them up for the future and he’s able to better engage in his high school curriculum having had these hands-on experiences and having a deeper understanding.  It will really make him confident and calm in high school. 

Amber Weekes


My son, Thomas, is not generally one to discuss his day in depth, but after today’s Science workshop he spoke non-stop about the activities and what he’d learnt.

You’ve definitely piqued his interested! He’s excited for the next workshop!

Thank you!

Kylie Smith

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